Movement and Artistic Processes with/in Space (MAPS)

Mission of the Lab

We take space for granted. However, engaging in art in space not only teaches us about those spaces, but about ourselves and our creative potential and critical capacity. The mission of the MAPS Lab is to study those phenomena and raise awareness about natural and artificial spaces by providing and promoting movement experiences that are creative and transformative.


1. Research

  • Community building with the arts
  • Movement theories (Laban Movement Analysis)
  • Philosophy and semiotics of space
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Self-reflection through art-making
  • Experience-based reflection on urban planning
  • Critique in the arts
  • Intergenerational relations

2. Training and coaching

  • Movement analysis
  • Professional development for artists, teachers and administrators
  • Curriculum design
  • Reading groups
  • Workshops for children, adults, families, organizations and community groups

3. Scientific monitoring

  • Following up on research about space and movement
  • Best practices in dance education, environmental education

4. Connecting

  • Providing information to media
  • Production and distribution of publications related to the research area of the MAPS Laboratory
  • Organization of public events
  • Seminars and scientific conferences
  • Artistic Activities
  • Site-specific dances
  • Synchronized international performances
  • Dance films