Services for Individuals, Groups and Organizations

The activities of research conducted by the TRC, ProCHD and MAPS Labs define the specificity of the services we provide to individuals, groups and organizations and the methods we privilege in our interventions. Negotiating changes, transitions, or transformations, requires people and organizations to find their own way to adjust and cope with new challenges. As much as they may appear threatening, such moments also constitute privileged times to reshape who we are, what we do, and how we learn to relate to the world that surrounds us. Even if the experience of change triggers questions and uncertainty, the bottom line is that no one knows better than our clients, what is good for themselves and their organizations. This is the reason why we are dedicated to help them capitalize on their own experience in order to find resources to continuously reinvent themselves and recreate innovative strategies of actions. 

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Coaching and Supervision

Coaching and supervision services provided by the Sunkhronos Institute aim to foster professional development for individuals and groups, at any stage of their life and career. The methods we are currently developing prefigure a new generation of practices informed by an in-depth understanding of the rhythms that shape individual and collective changes. Beyond 'quick-fix' solutions, our aim is to help our clients develop patterns of activities that sustain critical transformations over time. Our approach is grounded in well established methods, as much as it involves the creation of innovative techniques. Coaching and supervision are provided in French or in English, either on site (at our offices or anywhere around the Geneva area), by phone or through video-conference, depending on one's location.

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Whenever organizations require external support to clarify and achieve their goals, we provide solutions to assist them in the definition and the clarification of their aims and the best strategies to fulfill them. Privileging a systemic understanding of institutions, conceived through their own history, interventions are made with the whole organization, or through dedicated collaborations with specific groups or stakeholders. Our consulting services typically involves diagnosing and solving problems, designing organizational interventions or research-action, managing change, or analyzing training needs.

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Lectures and Presentations

With over 20 years of experience in higher education and counseling, constantly enriching their perspectives through transdisciplinary inquiry, the members of our team are particularly keen to share the knowledge and experience they have acquired to help professionals and organizations identify and develop an in-depth knowledge of critical topics. In line with a philosophy that privileges customized interventions, we provide lectures and presentations that enable the members of a group or an organization to reflect on emerging topics or sensitive issues, based on their specific needs.