Processes of Change and Human Development (ProCHD)

Mission of the Lab

The study of human development is a transdisciplinary field of research focusing on individuals’ and collectives’ modalities of evolution, throughout their existence and over their history. It refers among others to the relationships existing between the different aspects of human development (biological, psychological, social, cultural, economical, political, etc.) The activities of the ProCHD Lab focus on the individual and collective processes, which facilitate psychological change among children, adults, families and organizations. They also aim at promoting innovation in the field of psychotherapeutic interventions and in education. The ProCHD Lab also aims to facilitate exchanges between researchers and practitioners, coming from various disciplinary fields, in order to enable connections between the reflections, research and models of action that question our understanding of human development and the means to facilitate it.


1. Research

  • Change processes in organization
  • Change processes in psychotherapy
  • Children and teenagers’ learning processes
  • Clinical method of observation in psychological research
  • Evaluation of therapeutic approaches
  • Medical anthropology
  • Multilingualism in psychotherapy
  • Practice analyses and professional development
  • Reflexivity and clinical practice
  • Systemic and interactional analyses

2. Training and coaching

For practitioners:

  • Contemporary approaches in systemic therapy
  • Reading groups on contemporary trends in psychoanalysis (clinic and research)
  • Rorschach workshops and personality assessment
  • Supervision in children and teenagers analytical psychotherapy (post-Kleinian approach)

For children, teenagers and their parents:

  • Mindfulness workshop
  • Psychodrama for children and teenagers
  • Therapeutic relaxation
  • Workshops on parenting skills

3. Scientific monitoring

  • Following up research about human development and new forms of psychological intervention

 4. Connecting

  • Providing information to media
  • Production and distribution of publications related to the research area of the ProCHD Laboratory
  • Organization of public events
  • Seminars and scientific conferences