Training Flows

The Sunkhronos Institute designs on-demand training opportunities related to the three clusters of research studied by the TRC, ProCHD and MAPS Labs. Learning is a rhythmic activity. One learns through the repetition of patterns of actions (experience, crisis, reflection, dialogue, reading, moving, etc.), which evolve through the course of one's life. Because there is no single way to learn, it is crucial to have access to different rhythms and find the right flow to favor one's own development. This is one of the reasons why the Sunkhronos Institute provides various formats of interaction, based on the learners' needs and the specificity of the skills to develop.

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Onlines Courses and Webinars

Because knowledge has no borders and because everyone learns according to one's own rhythms, we strongly believe in the value of online education as an opportunity to develop oneself personally and professionally, wherever we live and whenever we wish. To favor international collaborations among learners and trainers, the Sunkhronos Institute has established a partnership with Connecting Minds Network to provide high quality online training services, privileging collaborative learning and the sharing of expertise, using the most recent technology in distance education.

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Seminars and Workshops

Benefiting from the richness of participants' experiences and privileging innovative pedagogical methods are two core values that lead our efforts. With 20 years of experience in education and counseling, the members of our team take the design and the facilitation of classroom and site specific activities very seriously. Whenever the need to have participants interacting in the same space appears as the best way to learn, we are always thrilled to implement training opportunities that favor synchrone group dynamics and live interactions with one's environment.   

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Retreats and Conferences

Learning occurs everyday, but sometimes it is necessary to extract oneself from daily routines and known environments to nurture a critical distance with one's activities and meet new people. Organizing retreats and conferences is often an underestimated activity that is reduced to its most practical dimensions (where? when? how much?)  At the Sunkhronos Institute, based on over 15 years of experience in organizing and participating to innovative scientific events, the members of our team know that the magic of bringing people together to sustain collective learning requires more than a good organization: it requires the right flow, based on meaningful formal and informal activities, whose design provides the right rhythms for people to meet and learn from each other.