Temporalities, Rhythms and Complexity (TRC)

Mission of the Lab

Time is expressed by changes that occur through rhythmic patterns, such as the cycle of seasons, sleeping habits, working schedules, political or religious calendars, etc. Our bodies, our institutions, as well as our cultures, are shaped by rhythms that express biological, psychological, social, and cultural temporalities. Studying the multiple rhythms shaping our everyday life, and the complementarities and antagonisms existing between them (e.g., at work, in family, etc.), constitutes a privileged lens to understand the ways our lives are organized (being more or less harmonious or dysfunctional). In a social and cultural context characterized by fluidity, the TRC Lab aims to develop resources and methods in order to raise awareness, help understand, organize and transform the rhythms that shape our personal and professional lives, on a daily basis and throughout the lifespan.


1. Research

  • Rhythmological and rhythmanalytical theories
  • Rhythms and social exclusion
  • Rhythmic and temporal dimensions of leadership
  • Rhythms and process of emancipation
  • Rhythms, development process and lifelong learning
  • Study of the rhythms of activity in teams and organizations
  • Suffering and experiences of time
  • Temporalities of reflexive and critical processes
  • Temporalities, family and intergenerational relationships

 2. Training and coaching

  • Time and rhythms-centered coaching and supervision
  • Practice analysis focusing on the temporal dimension of activity
  • Development of teaching and training curricula focusing on temporal experience
  • Reading groups
  • “Life history” seminars

3. Scientific monitoring

  • Following up research about time and rhythms in human sciences
  • Identification of methods and practices developed in the field of coaching, counseling, training and intervention

4. Connecting

  • Providing information to media
  • Production and distribution of publications related to the research area of the TRC Lab
  • Organization of public events
  • Seminars and scientific conferences