The Sunkhronos Institute provides innovative activities of teaching, training, coaching, consulting and research, as well as public events. It aims to reinforce the development of a critical capacity of analysis and interpretation, the exploration of creative processes and the adoption of complex ways of thinking in order to enable the negotiation of everyday personal and professional challenges. The activities developed by the Institute always articulate the scientific rigor of academic research – especially transdisciplinary ones – with the life experience brought by participants.

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The activities of the Sunkhronos Institute are organized around three clusters of research that explore specific themes of inquiry, training, and counseling: The activities conducted through the TRC Lab (temporalities, rhythms and complexity), the ProCHD Lab (processes of change and human development) and the MAPS Lab (movement and artistic processes with/in space).

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Based on the research conducted by the TRC, ProCHD and MAPS Labs, the Sunkhronos Institute provides on-demand training opportunities. Because there is no single way to learn, it is crucial to have access to different rhythms and find the right flow to favor one's own development. This is one of the reasons why the we propose heterogeneous formats of interaction, based on the learners' needs and the specificity of the skills to develop.

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The activities of research conducted by the TRC, ProCHD and MAPS Labs define the specificity of the services we provide to individuals, groups and organizations and the methods we privilege in our interventions. Negotiating changes, transitions, or transformations, requires people and organizations to find their own way to adjust and cope with new challenges. The members of our team are dedicated to help our clients capitalize on their own experience in order to find resources to continuously reinvent themselves and recreate innovative strategies of actions. 

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